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Connecting people

with the ocean


Sedna Exploration is a Pacific NorthWest, female-run scuba diving operation based in Port Clements, Haida Gwaii. 

Sedna's Story

Sedna is the goddess, mistress or also called mother of the sea. 

She became the ruler of Advilun, the Inuit underwater world. Reaching all the way from Greenland to Alaska. 

Many of the hunters wanted to marry her, but she refused their offers, just as she refused all the men selected by her father. 

When a masked man showed up, later discovered to be a Fulmar seabird, his face hidden underneath his hood, Sedna was impressed with him and agreed to marry him. As soon as she got into his kayak and realized where they were headed too, her father could hear her frantic cries for help. Without hesitation he made his way to the seabird colony to save his daughter. In next to no time, the seabirds started attacking the fathers kayak.


He threw his daughter into the ocean, clinging on to the edge of the kayak, her father cut off one finger at a time and Sedna sank to the bottom of the ocean. Each of her fingers formed into  a different mammal. 

Angry with men, Senda releases her fury by creating storms out at sea, holding the sea animals entangled in her hair. 


To get back in Sednas good grace, the shamans seek her hideout and to comb her beautiful long, black and tangled hair. 

Appeased by offerings and songs, she stills the sea and releases her seals and whales, providing  a bountiful hunt for the Inuit. She reestablished harmony between the Inuit and the world, as long as they would remember to respect  all living beings. 

sedna tess.png
Tess Hedderich

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer #291108


As a young child I was always fascinated by the ocean, growing up landlocked, thinking about Atlantis, seeing marine biologists on TV swimming with dolphins, but it was somehow more of a fantasy rather than my reality at that time. Riding horses, living the full on farm life in Germany. 

My first real connection to the ocean happened when I left for my first trip abroad to Australia at 23! Signed up for the Open Water class and was hooked. Eventually I did my Advanced to Divemaster training in Thailand, to become a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer here in Canada. New Zealand, Chile, Mexico, Bahamas and Washington provided some wonderful underwater exploration. With a bucket list stay in Indonesia to teach diving. 

The ocean has given me the opportunity to grow, both on a professional and personal level. I feel that it is my obligation to give back and provide this life changing experience. Everyone should be able to enjoy the underwater world, one way or another. 


It has been a wonderful adventure and I am thrilled to use my knowledge and experience I was fortunate to gain over the last few years towards my own goals and bring back the opportunity of scuba diving to Haida Gwaii.  

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